St. Lucia Update

There are exciting things going on back in St. Lucia. Pastor Peter Samuel is still on the job, promoting the use of the translation, teaching people how to read it, and representing the translation project in the media.

Last October David travelled back to St. Lucia for the  launching of the Kwyl Dictionary that we had worked on for so many years as a team. The dictionary was published by the Ministry of Education in St. Lucia and is being sold at a subsidized price that anyone can afford. Reports are that it has been very popular.

Speaking of reports, we had a chance to visit with the director of Wycliffe Caribbean, and he gave an encouraging report from St. Lucia. He says that he has heard that there is a revival among the churches as a result of the Creole translation being used. People can understand the Scriptures like never before and it is making a difference in their lives and in the churches!

The latest project in St. Lucia has been to record the entire New Testament on audio tape as part of a Faith Comes by Hearing program. This was a major effort, involving the voices of many, many people. The audio-visual specialists came up from Suriname to work on the recording for about six weeks, and Peter Samuel was in charge. The release of the finished, edited audio tapes will not be until sometime next year.

For more on the launching of the St. Lucian Creole dictionary, follow the links at the web site

Financial Update

We wish to thank each of our financial partners for your share in this ministry of Bible translation over the past year. Our income has been 53% of the target financial quota that Wycliffe has established for us and our ministry.

Some facts about our financial support:

  • Of the financial support we received, 44% came from churches and 56% from individuals.

  • During the past year we had 5 churches that gave regularly and 1 that gave occasional or one-time gifts.

  • During the past year there were 18 individuals who gave regularly and 14 who gave occasional or one-time gifts.

  • Of the financial support we received, 92% was in regular giving and 8% was occasional or one-time gifts.

  • We would be happy to provide further details to anyone interested.

monthly support percentages:

2002-2003 support level average: 53% of quota

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